About Us

We are Houston’s answer for business networking. We cordially invite you to learn about the Houston L.E.A.D. chapters we have around the Greater Houston area.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if Houston L.E.A.D. is right for you:

  • Am I receiving the number of quality referrals I want?
  • Am I giving the number of quality referrals I am able to?
  • Am I receiving the ROI I desire for the time, money and effort invested in business networking?
  • Am I receiving enough advice or information to help grow my business?

If you can’t answer yes to all of the above questions, you will be making a smart investment by getting involved in our unique networking organization.

    Learn about our unique L.E.A.D. Networking System™ that includes:
  • A master plan for sharing quality referrals, leads and introductions.
  • Weekly group meetings, including networking training.
  • Peer advice and assistance from your chapter members.
  • Facebook and LinkedIn L.E.A.D. Networkers Groups, including members-only pages.
  • Social activities for networking with members from other L.E.A.D. chapters.
  • Goal plan to maximize participation in L.E.A.D.

Check out our chapters and determine which one works best for you. You may contact us at 281-778-6661 or at info@houstonLEAD.com.

Houston LEAD

11 Tayside Track

Missouri City, TX 77459