Role Of Effective Communication At Lead Exchange Events

Jun 05 2017

Networking is one of the key goals for attending any lead exchange event but for this to be successful, you need to communicate effectively. Clear exchange of ideas requires you to put across your viewpoint in an unambiguous and concise manner. The content should be tailored according to the listener and promote a free flow of communication.


Following is a list of various tips that can help you effectively communicate and get the maximum benefit out of lead exchange events:

Listen Patiently: In order to be more attentive and understand what the other person is trying to convey, you need to be a patient listener. You will meet different kinds of people at a lead exchange event who will be willing to share their knowledge and ideas with you. So, if you want to grasp different strategies and gather more information, listen attentively.
Ask More Questions: It is imperative to ask questions so that you can learn about the aspects you want to. You can either ask close-ended or open-ended questions depending on the type of response you are seeking. While the former questions are designed to get a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response, the latter will help you receive a more elaborate response.
Feedback Is Essential: Feedback needs to come from both the parties at a lead exchange event. You should put across your thoughts in a manner so that the recipient can offer feedback or criticism regarding what you are saying. Also, it is important to encourage questions from the other party in case something is left unclear.
Observe Carefully: If your verbal and non-verbal communication skills are not too strong, it is best to observe carefully. Find a way to place yourself among a group of people at a lead exchange event. Try to mingle with unfamiliar people rather than mixing up with those you already know. You can then observe how everyone communicates in a particular group and use those tactics later on.
Hold onto your nervousness: Communication can sometimes become stressful at a lead exchange event but you need to quiet your mind and stop thinking about your response while the other person is talking. This will make it easier for you to understand what the other person is trying to convey. Later on, you can take few seconds to frame your answer and give an accurate response.

Appear Enthusiastic: When the other person is talking to you at a lead exchange event, it is important that you appear enthusiastic. Always maintain eye contact and have a positive body language that makes you appear attentive and interested.