Ways To Network Like A Pro

Jun 20 2017

Networking can open new gateways and unlock a host of business opportunities that might not have even existed for you before. But it is not an easy task to use networking for maximum benefit as you need to learn and polish this skill. In order to hone your networking skills, you need to utilize certain tips and tricks that can come in very handy.

Always have business cards:While striking a conversation at a business networking event, it is important that you have business cards in your pocket. They will not only help the other person to remember you, but will also help him/her to follow up without any inconvenience.

Be helpful:Start by helping at least 10 people in your network and gradually increase this number. This will not only increase the probability of quality interaction but will also raise the value that you offer. Find people from within your immediate network and expand your network with a set target every week. You will definitely experience positive results.

Utilize social media: One of the most powerful networking tools nowadays is social media and you need to use it to utmost effect. Ensure that you have a business profile on all the major social media sites. Update posts and content regularly so that people in your list remember you. Network with as many people in the industry as you can in order to gain some new insights and business opportunities.

Have a networking strategy in place: Always attend a networking event with a strategy in mind. Also, try to interact with new people who are attending the networking event rather than sticking to those whom you already know. Try talking to the speakers at networking events before they get on stage so that you can have a better understanding of their message.

Find a networking partner: For every networking event, it is best to have a partner who can assist you in attracting others towards your conversation. It is even better if your networking partner is a knowledgeable person and has adequate information about an industry you are not familiar with.

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