The Best Questions To Ask At Networking Events

Jun 27 2017

The types of questions you need to ask at networking events mainly depend on the purpose for which you are attending the event. For instance, while some people go to networking events for new business opportunities or jobs; others simply want to expand their professional network. Always focus on your target but also be prepared to get involved in new interactions that might happen during the course of a networking event.

Below is a list of some of the best questions that you can ask at networking events in order to commence a fruitful conversation:

What is your business story?
Everyone likes to share their journey, from where they started to the point they have reached at present. So you can simply start a conversation with this question and give other person a chance to express himself. Listen to him attentively and he will love talking to you.

What do you enjoy doing the most?
This is again a very light and happy question that keeps the mood casual. It is best not to ask what the other person likes the least until and unless you are in the same business. Always try to keep the conversation as positive as possible in order to avoid disagreements.

Where do you belong?
Asking people where they are from or what college they attended is another good question that can be asked at networking events. Such questions help in getting an idea about who the other person is and what all commonalities you have with him. This will also give rise to many other topics on which you can talk about.

What are the major changes that have taken place in your line of business?
This is a very good question as far as cross-generational networking is concerned. It allows the other person to remember his good old days and narrate his success story. You can take a cue from these stories and learn new things to apply in your business.

How did you choose your career path?
Asking people about how they decided to do what they do is a wise question because it will mostly reveal a valuable life experience. They will also narrate to you about their interests and passions apart from discussing their real-life inspiration. This question will help you learn, share and connect with the other persons in a consequential way.

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