Business Networking Etiquettes

Aug 02 2017

Networking events not only help to find leads for a business, but also help you learn more about different business strategies, and connect with other people to get new ideas. Business society has become more casual than what it was a few years back, but still there are many rules that people should keep in their mind before attending such events:

Come Prepared:
Before attending business networking events, it is important to research about the event to know who will be coming early. This can help you in making up your mind whom you want to meet. You should also be in the frame of mind to start small talks with other people, whether it is sports, local issues or an article you read. Make sure that the conversation you start should not seem forced.

It is always wise to be ready for the networking events, you can read agenda of the talks that will be delivered in the sessions. This will help you to understand the concepts better. Also, knowing about the key speakers will give you an idea about the topics that will be discussed. You can also come prepared about some topics which you may use to strike conversations.

Make a strong first impression:
Whenever someone introduces you to a person and you are sitting, show the courtesy to stand up and greet the person with a handshake. Don't slouch, present yourself in a secure manner to make a strong and positive first impression.

Focus On Quality Over Quantity:
Walking away from the networking events with a bunch of business cards is just a waste unless you've made some good connections. In such events, it is more beneficial to have a few good conversations upon which you may follow up in the future, rather than just a large number of brief interactions which no one remembers the next day.

Never Interrupt Others:
In these events, initiating conversations with individual is easy but it can get tricky with groups. Whenever you are approaching a group of people, never abruptly jump into a conversation as it may seem intrusive and make a bad first impression. Always try to enter a group with a smile and wait for a few seconds to get acknowledged by someone in the group, if not, simply say 'excuse me' and move on.

Limit The Use Of Smartphones:
While attending such events, make sure that your smartphones stay in your pockets. When you are in the physical presence of someone else, it is essential that they have your undivided attention. You can check the sports scores and other things, after you have made some decent connections for improving your business.

Follow Up:
If you have made good connections during these events, make contact with the persons you intend to do business within two days. Fulfill the promises made to them about sharing information or any other thing and do not forget to send thank you notes if you have received the same.