Common Networking Events Mistakes

Nov 06 2017

Networking events can be really beneficial to find prospects for your business. However, here are few common mistakes that you must avoid in order to make it a success.

Wrong Event: The most common mistake with maximum number of people visiting a networking event is without prior knowledge of event main theme. Consequently, there are high chances of not getting the right customer for business. For an instance, a technology oriented company would be attending event related to that field and therefore, a marketing agency should visit such events for finding prospects.

No Preparation: The information about the guests of the event is necessary as it provides a list to target for providing products or services. Most of the time, networking event fails as there is no preparation on how to target a prospect. The other times, effort and time are wasted with a customer who is not ready to accept the services. This can be avoided with proper preparation about the target projects along with the services and products which can benefit that project.   

Weak Subject Line: Even if the event visited is not wrong and details of the targets were jotted, the visit cannot prove fruitful. This is because either subject line was not prepared or there was no subject line at all. The subject line provides assurance to the client about the benefits that will be generated after considering a particular product. That is why there should be considerable efforts in preparing a subject line explaining how benefits can be delivered.

No Link With Host: In most of the cases, businesses go for a marketing agency with well maintained integrity. This is because there is a trust factor with products and services of that agencies. Hence, it is necessary to gain trust while offering the services. For this purpose, the event host can be of great help as the introduction made by the host provides much needed credibility. Therefore, build links with event host and even ask for prior introduction to clients.  

Lack Of Handout: At the time of introduction with the client, it is now a chance to stand out and leave an impression so that lead is gained. The only reason behind losing a lead here would be otherwise obvious presence remarks which will be forgotten by the time event ends. Therefore, show up with effective subject line and provide handouts on the information about services and products including business cards. A promise to follow up will prevent the chances of missing the gained lead.  

No Follow Up: The networking can be maximized with the leads gained by a strategic follow up. Because it shows the genuineness and raises integrity in favour of services offered by agency. Therefore, better to follow up and remind client of how agency services can prove beneficial for clients’ business.

It is highly possible to turn networking event successful by considering certain points. Avoiding common mistakes mentioned above is the easiest method to gain leads out of networking event successfully.