Business Networking Skills To Build Rapport Quickly

Jan 03 2018

Effective business networking helps in building a rapport and creating an everlasting bond with partners, associates, friends and consumers. By working on your business networking skills, you bring the right people together and get to make tremendous progress in the smallest amount of time.

Let’s take a look at some valuable skills that will help you become an ace business networker.

1. Be Helpful
If you are looking to build a magical rapport as a businessman, you should be helpful. A keen businessman is sensitive to the feelings and problems of those he associates with. Helping others during their times of need instantly gives you a special spot in their good books. This way you slowly and steadily work your way up to building a strong and secure network of people who respect and trust you as a businessman.

2. Invest In Your Relationships
In order to make any relationship successful, be it personal or professional, you will have to strike a balance between the time, energy and money that you invest. Effective business networking is all about adding value to the lives of those who cross your path. This could be through a product or service. A high level of sincerity helps in building a strong rapport as a businessman. The skill here is to give more to get more.

3. A Happy Demeanor
People love developing relationships and connections with those who exude positive energy. To be magnetic, work on your attitude and demeanor. Genuinely try to be happy around those you interact with and you will see them coming back to you more often. Respect & treat others the way they want to be treated.

4. Connect Daily
When it comes to business networking out of sight, is out of mind. You have to keep connections alive on a daily basis. Don’t miss an opportunity of meeting new people whenever you can. There’s something valuable to learn from everyone and there’s always something to give to another in the form of a kind word, a helpful gesture or simply your undivided attention. Leave a strong first impression.

5. Be Proactive
Take the first step. Never be the one waiting for another to approach you. Be the first one to start a conversation. A good way would be to ask an open ended question. After starting the conversation, try to be a good listener and resist temptation to keep on talking about yourself unless the other party is interested in knowing something. Work towards staying in touch with those you click with at gatherings and meetings.

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