7 Steps to A Positive
Attitude & Better Sales

“Your attitude will determine your future…”
    From Business Blogs

It sounds simple, but it is harder to actually do, especially for sales people. Developing and maintaining a positive mental attitude requires determining and controlling your thoughts. There is so much negativity and doom and gloom being discussed it is easy to tune in to that type of thinking. Here are seven essential steps to a positive attitude.  

1. Become solution focused

To change from a negative attitude, take a 180-degree spin and start focusing your thoughts on solutions. The longer you think about the problem the longer it will be before you discover your solutions.  

2. Mind control

If your thoughts are negative one of the keys to controlling your mind is to simply read a positive quote, affirmation or book or talk to positive people to stop your mind thinking negatively.  

A key attribute of many sales people is that they are right brained: creative, colorful, talkative and enjoy being with people. Visual aids are more appealing so use visual aids. To motivate yourself use a picture of your dream sports car or holiday or write down your target, number of calls, follow ups or phone calls and tick them off your list so you can see and feel what you are achieving.  

3. Get out of your rut

When you learn one skill you integrate that skill into your daily life. You remain at that point in your life for as long as you choose. You either get stuck again or progress forward as you learn another new skill. By learning the next skill needed for your success, you master another challenge and move onwards and upwards in your life again.   

With each challenge you overcome, you achieve success and gain momentum in your quest to be who you want to be – the master of your life! Overcome the fear of your rut by trying something new or in a different way or discuss with other people what has worked for them.   

4. Create your desire

If you are achieving your level of personal success and are happy with your present salary, commission, partner, lifestyle or financial situation, you have no urge to lift yourself to your next level of triumphs. However, if you would like to improve any of the above or rate your happiness level below five out of ten you have a valid reason to have a positive attitude and create more victories in your life. Discover some values-aligned goals and find your urge. Carry your affirmation or goal with you at work about your number of calls or sales. If your desired result misfires quickly change your mindset back to positive. Embrace the words ‘next one please’ or reread your goal on your mobile or the old-fashioned way, on a piece of paper in your wallet.   

5. Educate yourself

Your past has created who you are today. It has been based on the decisions that you have made and for most people some have been good and some not so good. You learn more from the not so good decisions as you create stepping stones to your future. The key now to your future success is to release your past and move onto your future and that means taking your personal development level up the next notch.  

As Stephen Covey says – “Sharpen your saw”. While driving in your car educate yourself from the hundreds of educational CD programs that are available. Your work may even invest in them for your workplace library.   

6. Soul, mind, body aligned

Decide what makes your soul happy which means:   

  • Analyzing your feelings. Discover your passions and include them in your values-aligned goals.
  • Use your mind and thoughts to create your values-aligned goals. This is your mind control.
  • Take action by following what your soul (feelings) and mind (thoughts) have determined (action). When your soul, mind and body are aligned you will stop living life like a three-legged stool with every leg out of alignment.

6. Just DO IT!

All this is possible and all you have to do is choose. Nelson Mandela once said, “You’re playing small does not serve the world.” What does that mean? It means don’t live being unhappy and below your potential. You are destined to live a great life!   

We all know those people who are positive and optimistic and who can laugh and view the glass half full and not half empty. They are determined to succeed and generally do.  

People will help you on your journey and prompt you to success. But first it starts with you believing you are worthy of your own success and keeping a positive mental attitude on your journey. The world is waiting for your best. Don’t delay any longer!